You’re so clear and pure yet your constant attack seems to have left her green, black and blue. You caress the hard blackness with passionate fervour, like a lusty lover in the night, with power and force, knowing that with daylight comes retreat, but only until return of the moonlight.

As you make your way in, slowly, in unison, more eager as you lay sights on the bare white flesh. All elbows and knees nudging what was once a friend and team mate, now only a fierce competitor for her affection. You lap back and forth fighting for appearance, drawing each other back in and then with each forward movement push forth a new victor. With that motion you become one, rolling and tumbling and fierce. You try to hold on to one another, losing yourselves in the moment. And all too soon the encounter ends.

Each time you lose the fight you take a piece of her with you and retreat to join what’s left of those who’ve come before you. Those who too were drawn in; to roll, to tumble, to be fiercely tossed aside for the next. The hardness you leave behind remains and each tumble breaks her apart a little more, leaving her in a million pieces – either spat back to white flesh or left to become part of you’re own green and blue tide.

However, the purity and infiniteness of the relationship gives you both peace and joy. For you have been together since the beginning of time and you shall stay together long after it ends.