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An Ode to RA

He rises over the edge of the world with a promise of new beginnings. A perfect form taking shape giving life and light and energy. The dawn chorus begins and the tweeting birds take first flight, welcoming him on the... Continue Reading →


The passionate tide

You're so clear and pure yet your constant attack seems to have left her green, black and blue. You caress the hard blackness with passionate fervour, like a lusty lover in the night, with power and force, knowing that with... Continue Reading →

The road more travelled

The lonely footprints I leave in my wake are a reminder of the road less travelled. Or a path walked a million times, washed clean by the coming tides - purified and cleansed - ready for the next to discover.

Setting sun

An ominous blue haze descends over the last signs of the day, as if threatening to wipe away all trace of the hours before it, like death himself swallowing the last breath of life, his dark, billowing train of smoke... Continue Reading →

Clock out 

The sol dorado crowns through the angels' carriages. It's 9-5 now over, it retreats for supper as the stretching man rises to clock in. It peers through the white tufts as if waving its last goodbyes, bidding this half of... Continue Reading →

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